All your AV and IT technology needs covered

jm|audiovisual sets no limits to your event. As a turn-key solution provider, we support your project with the full range of state-of-the-art video, audio and digital stage technology. Regardless of whether you want to stage just one room or an entire venue with simultaneous sessions in 100 rooms, jm|audiovisual has got you covered.

Raumbau: build sound-proof rooms in no time.


Raumbau means building sound-proof rooms in no time.  jm|audiovisual provides the fastest way to create event space that fit any size or shape you require. Discover this versatile and scalable solution to structure venues for up to 10.000 people.


Raumbau is a sustainably designed product that minimizes waste during production, ensuring a more environmentally friendly future. Raumbau meets / exceeds European standards and regulation requirements, ensuring safety and reliability.


Assembles lighting, cables, walls, stage technology and doors into modules on the floor and then cranes them together to their final position. This saves an enormous amount of time and manpower.


Enjoy the convenience and ease of a turnkey solution. Pricing includes all necessary elements, from design and construction to installation and removal, allowing you to budget effectively.


Designed and tested with sound in mind. High-quality materials and insulation minimise noise providing a quiet, comfortable environment.


Provides an excellent opportunity for branding and advertising, with various options for incorporating your company’s logo, colors or messaging.

OneSite: Your conference to go.

Out of the box

OneSite makes world-class presentation management uniquely convenient and affordable. Create premium experiences for attendees and sponsors – onsite, online, or hybrid.

Ultimately simple

OneSite dramatically simplifies virtual and hybrid conferencing scheduling and event execution by implementing staff-friendly automation and proven features.

Live, hybrid and virtual

With OneSite you can inspire your live and virtual speakers, your audience, and your sponsors with uncompromising presentation quality, regardless of the size of the event.

Ready to go

OneSite does not require any specialized personnel at the event location. All connections are made via plug & play in a few minutes.

Fully equipped

High quality video feed and sound, smooth transitions, interactive experience, connectivity for external input and output devices: OneSite shines in every aspect and even compensates for weaknesses of the local internet connection


Until now, a comparable scope of services was reserved for large conferences – and large budgets. Use OneSite in an affordable pay-per-use model or at an attractive scale price.

10 to 10k attendees

With OneSite, you can manage small events as easily as large multi-room events. Deploy multiple OneSite Boxes and create an overall modular experience.


With OneSite, you can manage small events as easily as large multi-room events. Deploy multiple OneSite Boxes and create an overall modular experience.

The Saalcase all-in-one room control.

Reduced cabling

All components for controlling content, light, sound, and data are pre-wired in The Saalcase from jm|audiovisual. This helps to reduce time expenditure and risk of errors.

Ready to go

The Saalcase arrives production-ready and controls lighting, sound, content, data and communication. One control for all helps to ensure a smooth production.

Maximum flexibility

Your program changes at short notice? With The Saalcase, you are prepared for any scenario. We implement changes spontaneously and without conversion.

Less personnel

With all control units on one console, you can significantly reduce the number and often error-prone coordination of different teams.

Process reliability

Your event’s content, lighting, sound and data must work together perfectly. The Saalcase combines all areas into one console. This eliminates many sources of error.

Integrates in every venue

Because all components are preconfigured on board, the Saalcase can be used in any room without many additions.

Stage technology: from highly sophisticated to highly individual.​

Event stage design at jm|audiovisual incorporates lighting, background, furniture, props and audiovisual. We combine all these components in such a way that you achieve your desired event goal. This creates highly unusual and fascinating spatial experiences that will make your event unforgettable.

TV studio: Turn your venue into a broadcasting center.​

Stage impressive talk shows and discussion panels, news and scientific broadcasts, interviews and conversations with a ready-to-use TV studio tailored to your needs, including state-of-the-art recording and broadcasting equipment, specialised technicians, and engineers as well as additional services such as furniture, equipment and staff.

Audio solutions for presentations, conferences, and education.​

Professional sound systems are essential for presentations, meetings, and conferences to ensure that participants do not miss any content. With the right concept for loudspeakers, microphones, and acoustic elements, we create the perfect sound solution.

Video technology for live and virtual conferences.

From projectors to displays to projection screens to video conferencing, jm|audiovisual finds the reliable, high-performance solutions for each of your video requirements and integrates them into the local and technical facilities of the event location.

Logistics: Your stage and AV technology at their destination.​

Minimize your event logistics costs significantly with jm|audiovisual. Thanks to their innovative functionality, many of our solutions considerably reduce transportation and personnel requirements. At the same time, we provide budget-friendly conventional setups thanks to intelligent logistics and our modern fleet of trucks.

Technical staff: Professional and leading in experience.​

The success of your event relies heavily on the quality of the technicians and crew working there. That is why jm|audiovisual deploys  its own professional team who are very familiar with advanced technology and all processes. jm|audiovisual provides you with the full range of expertise, from directors to moderators, from designers to developers, from technicians to operators.