A passion for audiovisual brilliance.

jm|audiovisual emerged from a courageous decision. The decision to to redefine boundaries and use IT as a driver for innovative AV.  That’s what makes jm|audiovisual  a global leader in brilliant digital event experiences.

This unique concept requires advanced hardware and interfaces designed for digital event control, offering global solutions with automation, minimal personnel requirements, and high-quality assurance.

Under the leadership of Jan Rentsch and Jens Wienekamp, a specialised team has emerged, introducing innovations that not only impress with their audiovisual performance, but also optimize the process of planning and managing content, as well as the logistics, sustainability and efficiency of congresses.

Like Saalcase, a compact control hub reducing time, hardware, and personnel needs for fail-safe high-end productions; OneSite, an out-of-the-box conferencing solution for onsite and online events; and Raumbau, a revolutionary concept for efficient, flexible soundproof room construction.

With an uncompromising focus on medical conferences, jm|audiovisual systematically addresses the specific needs of the industry. It masters any technical challenge and safely handle even huge requirements. They set the bar high years ago.

When the largest World AIDS Congress was launched in 2010 with over 30,000 participants, jm|audiovisual flawlessly managed 24 rooms and launched a press center for 7000 attendees, showcasing adaptability and competence in every task.